JAXA Lunar and Planetary Exploration Data Analysis Group (JLPEDA) is specialized in processing and analyzing exploration data to maximize the scientific results of lunar and planetary exploration by Kaguya and others by contributing to produce datasets useful for scientific community, to conduct research to resolve the origin and evolution of the Moon and planets. The group also seeks to contribute to strategy/project planning and technological research for lunar and planetary exploration through high-level processing and analytic research using lunar and planetary exploration data.

Recent lunar and planetary exploration data is now reaching high volumes (several terabytes to petabytes) from a single sensor and exceeds the scale that can be handled by an individual researcher or project. Therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult to disseminate the world’s top-class scientific results from Japan and to design autonomous exploration strategies/plans for the future missions. To address these issues, we established JLPEDA and preparing an environment that can process and analyze large volumes of exploration data (including overseas explorers ) at a level, which needs specific skills and/or tools. The outputs of our tasks are products such as geological distribution maps used in strategy planning for high-level research and lunar and planetary exploration. Our outcome objective is that the products will be used for originating the world’s top-class research papers and reflecting autonomous strategic scenario/research and development/project planning. We intend to implement analytic research, providing product, and human resources development from the long-term and international viewpoints by addressing the needs from the lunar and planetary science/exploration community.


JLPEDA group consists of eleven members (as of April 2017) including staff for geological analysis (5), temperature distribution simulation on the surface of the Moon and planets (1), operation and upgrading of analysis system (1), visualization of analytic results (1), preparation of analysis software (1), and clerical and scientific work support (2). Whether you are a post-doctoral or young researcher, if you are interested in our operation, please send an inquiry to.

Group Chief of JAXA Lunar and Planetary Exploration Data Analysis Group: Hisashi Otake